Porcelain Snake (Limited Edition Preorder)


Originally featured in The Society of Designer Craftsmen’s Excellence exhibition of 2021, set within the historic town of Chichester.
This porcelain and stoneware ceramic vessel depicts a ball/royal python (snake), in the process of shedding its delicate features.
Each piece is handmade by first throwing a bowl shape on the potters wheel. The top of the piece is then sculpted and reproduced using custom moulds. The two pieces are then married together and hand beaten into one spherical form. The form is decorated using bespoke glazes to replicate a translucent snake skin finish. The piece is then completed with hand carved scales.

Approx Dimensions: 18cm wide x 18cm tall | Limited to just 25 units.

Please Note: All preorders have a lead time of at least 3 weeks.

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